Exit Strategy—5 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Disaster Plan

When we choose to build our home a mere three feet above sea level, we know that we are flirting with disaster. Hurricanes, storm surge, high winds, and flooding train us to become planners, radar watchers, and evacuation strategists. However, every time a storm rolls in, so does the heartbreaking footage of abandoned pets.  There [...]

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The Sound of Silence: 4 Tips to Ensure Your Pets are Safe this July Fourth

Many pet owners have observed their four-legged companions reacting to sounds or sights that  are not obvious. While it may seem as if they’re seeing a ghost, it's more likely your pet has heard a far-off noise, not audible to humans. In fact, dogs can hear more than twice as many frequencies as humans, and [...]

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Pets

Pets are vital family members, and children and pets are often raised together, but children must learn to interact properly with their pets, as they do with their peers. Caring for a pet teaches your kids responsibility, as well as the pet providing loving companionship. However, ensuring your kids are properly educated on the dos [...]

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5 Common Household Pet Toxins

Our four-legged companions are vital family members who fill our lives with cozy cuddles, wet kisses, and extra special purrs. Pets often mimic their owner’s behaviors and emotions but, unfortunately, their curious, mischievous nature can often lead to accidents, or ingestion of various toxic items. Numerous common household items are dangerous or potentially deadly to [...]

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6 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Their Pet’s Dental Health

You may not think much about your furry pal’s mouth, except when you notice their especially smelly breath, but focusing on your pet’s oral health care is vital for keeping them happy and healthy. And, since your pet lacks the thumbs to hold their own toothbrush and brush their own teeth, and do not have [...]

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Dog Training 101

Our canine friends are natural people pleasers and eager to learn a new behavior or skill. In fact, every interaction is an opportunity for your dog to learn a skill and improve their manners, which will help them thrive in every aspect of life. Dogs use body language to communicate with each other and their [...]

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Survey Results: The Best, Safest, and Most Fun Holiday Pet Gifts

In this season of giving, are you still wondering what would be the best gift for your pet? Read on for special gift-giving memories from the most loving pet owners we know. Our survey asked, “What was your pet’s favorite gift from you?”and their answers may give you good ideas, good feelings, and good laughs. [...]

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