‘Tis the Season for Pet Holiday Mishaps: 4 Seasonal Disasters

As the year winds down, your calendar is likely packed full of holiday celebrations. Holiday festivities bring opportunities for making memories, eating delicious treats, and decking the halls. While these can be fun activities for people, pets may not agree—except for the treat-eating part. Our furry friends can easily become stressed and anxious over the [...]

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How We Use a Therapy Laser to Heal Your Pet

Therapy lasers are seen more commonly in veterinary practices across the country, including our own hospital. While we use pharmaceutical therapy for many pets, not all animals are candidates for medication. To help heal every pet possible, we have turned to different treatment methods and modalities, and have purchased a therapy laser that has done [...]

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Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Help Heal Your Pet?

At Animal Medical Hospital of Naples, we pride ourselves on staying on top of new trends in veterinary medicine. Stem cell therapy may not be a novel treatment, but one application—platelet-rich plasma injections—is making headway into companion animal medicine. Commonly used for years in human athlete and equine medicine, platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRPT, is [...]

The Importance of AAHA Accreditation: Providing Top Quality Pet Care

When your car needs repairs, do you take it to the first mechanic you find? Or, do you ask for recommendations from family and friends, read online reviews, and choose a qualified mechanic based on the advice? People usually turn to friends and read reviews before trusting a stranger with the care of their vehicle, [...]

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Battling Bugs with Bravecto and Proheart: Prime Prevention Against Parasites

One frustration with pet care is continuously battling fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes from feeding on your pet. You try to be diligent about giving your pet her flea, tick, and heartworm preventive medications, but if she spits out the medication or you forget a dose, you could face a flea infestation in your home or [...]

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