Calming Noise Phobia in Pets

Noise sensitivity (i.e., aversion or phobia) is a relatively common condition in pets. According to one dog owner survey, at least two-thirds of dogs are fearful when they hear a loud noise. And, while some pets quickly rebound from their initial fight-or-flight response, others suffer from a pronounced, and sometimes prolonged, overreaction similar to a [...]

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5 Reasons Your Cat May Be Stressed

A cat who is stressed can suffer serious health complications and behave inappropriately. Stress has been linked to urinary tract conditions, skin disorders, gastrointestinal (GI) disease, and respiratory illness. In addition, stress can cause unwanted behaviors, such as eliminating outside the litter box and destroying personal belongings. You should suspect your cat is stressed if [...]

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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Living with a pet has many benefits, but our four-legged family members, especially puppies and kittens, tend to get into everything, which can lead to mayhem and potentially dangerous situations. Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team knows you want to protect your pet, and we offer tips to pet-proof your home to help prevent [...]

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The Importance of Professional Veterinary Dental Cleanings

Your pet’s oral hygiene is an important aspect of their overall health. Approximately 70% of cats and 80% of dogs older than 3 years of age have dental disease, and professional veterinary dental cleanings are necessary to protect your pet from this problematic condition. Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team wants to promote pet [...]

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Feline Arthritis—More Common Than You Think

You may be attributing your cat’s temperament or behavior change to old age or simply grumpiness. However, these changes could mean your feline friend is showing seriously painful degenerative joint disease signs. Unlike their canine counterparts, in whom arthritis has long been a common recognized condition, cats have recently begun being diagnosed with this inflammatory [...]

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5 Holiday Pet Hazards

’Tis the season to be jolly, but as temperatures drop and Santa prepares for his nighttime trip, you should take steps to protect your pet from potential holiday hazards. Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team wants to help by explaining what dangers your pet may face during the holiday season. #1: Holiday food can [...]

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Companionship, Love, and … Disease? Zoonotic Diseases Your Pet Can Transmit

As a pet owner, you expect to receive cuddles, kisses, and love from your furry pal, but you certainly do not expect to contract an illness. However, pets can carry pathogens or parasites that can be transmitted to people, causing illnesses that range from mild to deadly. Here are some of the most common—or most [...]

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Woof, There It Is! Discover 7 Fascinating Dog Facts

Let’s face it—we love dogs and everything we know about them. And, like any good relationship, we keep discovering new and fascinating things about our four-footed objects of affection. Each new fact about their loyalty, affection, uniqueness, and their love for us humans has us head over heels all over again. Check out these seven [...]

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Four Fabulous Feline Facts

Cats are curious creatures, and we may never fully understand all their majestic mysteries. However, we do keep learning more about their complexities, and our team at Animal Medical Hospital of Naples is sharing interesting cat facts that can help you better understand your fantastic feline.  Cat fact #1: Whiskers are more than part of [...]

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