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The Heat Is On: Summer Safety Tips to Protect Your Pet

The summer months are typically when people go on vacation, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend time by the water. However, if you want to include your pet in your travel and outdoor activities, you need to take some steps to prevent heat-related emergencies. Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team offers tips for keeping [...]

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10 Signs Your Pet Has an Allergy

As golden pollen fills the springtime air, your allergies may go haywire, causing you to sneeze and have itchy, watery eyes. While you walk around in an antihistamine-induced fog, your pet may also be suffering from springtime allergies. However, your furry friend’s allergies likely manifest differently than your own. Identifying allergies in pets can be [...]

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Pet Stress-Reducing Methods to Use at Home

We’ve all met undersocialized or mistreated pets who are fearful, skittish, and uncomfortable in new environments. Unfortunately, inadequate and inappropriate handling can diminish a pet’s quality of life and restrict their access to necessary grooming services and veterinary care that are essential for their health and comfort. Low-stress handling techniques help your pet create positive [...]

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Wink, Wink: Common Pet Eye Diseases

Dogs’ and cats’ vision helps them navigate their environment and avoid danger, but many diseases and conditions can affect pets’ eyes. Most eye diseases present similarly, but our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team can diagnose the problem and create a short- or long-term management plan, depending on the disease’s nature. Read our latest blog [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Supporting Senior Pets

As pets age, they require additional support and care. Their physical and mental health can decline, making them more susceptible to diseases, discomfort, and a reduced quality of life (QOL). However, you can make your senior pet’s golden years some of their happiest and healthiest by adjusting to their changing needs and ensuring they remain [...]

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