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Pet Stress-Reducing Methods to Use at Home

We’ve all met undersocialized or mistreated pets who are fearful, skittish, and uncomfortable in new environments. Unfortunately, inadequate and inappropriate handling can diminish a pet’s quality of life and restrict their access to necessary grooming services and veterinary care that are essential for their health and comfort. Low-stress handling techniques help your pet create positive [...]

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Wink, Wink: Common Pet Eye Diseases

Dogs’ and cats’ vision helps them navigate their environment and avoid danger, but many diseases and conditions can affect pets’ eyes. Most eye diseases present similarly, but our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team can diagnose the problem and create a short- or long-term management plan, depending on the disease’s nature. Read our latest blog [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts for Supporting Senior Pets

As pets age, they require additional support and care. Their physical and mental health can decline, making them more susceptible to diseases, discomfort, and a reduced quality of life (QOL). However, you can make your senior pet’s golden years some of their happiest and healthiest by adjusting to their changing needs and ensuring they remain [...]

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More or Less? Changes in Your Pet’s Appetite or Thirst

You probably don’t give much thought to how quickly your pet empties their food or water bowl. However, the amount your dog or cat eats and drinks provides valuable information about their overall health. If your four-legged friend’s bowls remain full long after you fill them, your pet may be experiencing digestive upset or anxiety [...]

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Natural Nail Care: Why Your Cat Has to Scratch

You’ve likely caught your cat scratching something you wish they wouldn’t, and your carpet, furniture, and curtains have caught the brunt of your feline friend’s antics. While you may not be pleased with your cat’s scratching, they must be able to use their claws in a variety of ways. Scratching is an instinctive behavior that [...]

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No Sweat: How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Heat and humidity are nothing new here in southwest Florida, yet every year the Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team and surrounding veterinary practices care for countless pets suffering from heat-related emergencies.  Why is heat such a danger for pets? Why is it so frequently underestimated? What must pet owners do to ensure a safe [...]

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Calming Noise Phobia in Pets

Noise sensitivity (i.e., aversion or phobia) is a relatively common condition in pets. According to one dog owner survey, at least two-thirds of dogs are fearful when they hear a loud noise. And, while some pets quickly rebound from their initial fight-or-flight response, others suffer from a pronounced, and sometimes prolonged, overreaction similar to a [...]

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