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Dr. Carin Corbo

Dr. Carin Corbo has always had a fascination and a love for animals. She jokingly describes it as having the “animal gene”. It is beyond a love for animals, it is an actual “need” to have them in your life. Her family noticed this “gene” in her at a very young age- as a toddler finding her sitting in a friend’s baby pool with the ducks, having to handle and learn about every type of animal possible and sleeping with her beloved cat “Sneakers” every night. Dr. Corbo also feels animals can sense this trait in people, which helps with trust, bonding and a calming experience for most visits.

Over the years, Dr. Corbo has owned a menagerie of pets including: dogs (from Chihuahua to Doberman), cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rats, hamsters, iguanas, bearded dragons, hermit crabs and fresh and salt-water fish tanks. Her dedication continues today as a vet by caring for every client’s pet as if it were her own.

Dr. Carin Corbo attended Penn State University where she received her degree in 
Wildlife and Fisheries Science. She began working in veterinary hospitals in 1991
where she found veterinary medicine to be her true calling.

Dr Corbo ChildShe earned her doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine from The Louisiana State 
University where she graduated with honors. Her education and work experiences 
have included studies in Australia and Bermuda. She has special interests in laser
surgery and preventative medicine.

Dr. Corbo is a member of the Gamma Sigma Delta, Golden Key, and Phi Zeta National 
Honor Societies. She was the recipient of the 1999 Salisbury Scholarship and was
listed in the 2000 Edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities 
and Colleges.

Dr Corbo with DobermanDr. Carin Corbo has served two externships in Dentistry and Neurology at the
University of Pennsylvania and has practiced in Naples since 2000. She has developed 
a reputation as one of Naples most knowledgeable and compassionate vets.

Her dream has always been to have a full-service veterinary clinic with state-of-the-art technology, the country’s top veterinary medicine and a warm loving atmosphere.

That dream has now been realized in The Animal Medical Hospital of Naples.

*Dr. Corbo with her first dog, 
Abby (circa age 7)

*Dr. Corbo with her dog Mitchell