In this season of giving, are you still wondering what would be the best gift for your pet? Read on for special gift-giving memories from the most loving pet owners we know. Our survey asked, “What was your pet’s favorite gift from you?”and their answers may give you good ideas, good feelings, and good laughs.

Before we present the survey results, here are a few reminders to put safety first:

  • Toys Never leave your pet unsupervised unless you are confident they will not chew or swallow all or part of any new toy, and do not let them play with string or ribbon items. Balls must be too large for your pet to swallow. Also, ensure plastic toys are not too hard, especially for older dogs, who may not be able to grasp them without damaging their teeth.
  • Food — Use an abundance of caution and do not allow pets to eat any human foods, because many are toxic to pets.
  • Christmas tree and plants — Ensure the tree is secure, the tree-stand is covered, and that your pet cannot reach any breakable ornaments or tinsel. Also, remember that many holiday plants, especially lilies, holly, and mistletoe are toxic to pets.

Best from-the-heart pet gifts

Our survey participants said:

“The best gift I ever gave my pet was a home.”

“Sharpie’s favorite gift is that I take the day off and we enjoy spending time together.”

“A home. We rescued him from a neglective home in Texas.”

“A home. I flew her in from Colorado two days before Christmas that year.”

“A forever home, to enjoy her senior years in comfort.”

“A safe home where he is understood and is away from the trauma of his old life.”

Best dog gifts

Dogs seem to like all manner of gifts.

“The best dog gift is a peanut butter-filled treat puzzle toy.”

“My five-pound teacup yorkie loves his doberman-size dog bed. Sir William, Earl of Ross, needs a king-size bed.” 

“My mom’s schnauzer’s favorite gift was a little stuffed schnauzer called ‘Mini-me.’” 

“A blue frisbee. It was Joey’s best friend for years. He LOVED that frisbee.”

“Her stocking! She doesn’t care what’s in it. She carries it around all day. We can’t get a good picture of her with it, because she is afraid we’re going to take it away.”

Top cat gifts

Our survey showed that cats are not nearly as fussy as usual when it comes to gifts.

“The best gift we ever gave our cat was a set of fleece-covered pet steps we placed by the window. He climbs them every night to look outside for little creatures.”

“Skippy got a little Kong duckling that could be stuffed with catnip. He kept that duck for about 10 years.”

“Anything new is exciting to them.”

We made our list and checked it twice, and hope you now have some fun ideas. Of course, the winner isa good home. Remember, also, to give your pet the gift of yourself.

At Animal Medical Hospital of Naples, our mission is to always do our best to help you and your pets. We want you all to enjoy this holiday season, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about a gift’s safety, or any holiday concerns for your pet.