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Picking a Boarding Facility for Your Pet

When choosing a “home away from home” for your pet, safety and comfort are top priorities. Here are a few tips on selecting the right facility for your furry family member.

Always visit the facility first. Does it smell? Is it clean (look in the corners!)? Are the other boarders clean and content? Are they on bedding or cement? Are cats housed separately from dogs? Is the temperature comfortable?

Is there a safe area for your pet to be walked? Is it fenced in to protect from busy roads and parking lots should your pet slip its leash? Are pets walked through an unsecured area to reach the secured area? Is the walking area clean and sanitary?
Veterinarian Supervision
Is the facility supervised by a veterinarian? With a veterinarian on-site, unexpected illness, skin problems and anxiety can be treated immediately. Vaccinations, yearly exams and other health concerns can be dealt with during the stay.

Are pets examined upon arrival and departure for fleas and ticks and treated? Parasite control is essential for every visitor to prevent guest-to-guest spread.

Amount of Care
Is full-time animal care provided? Or does someone just come in twice a day to walk and feed? It is much preferred to have your pet watched over all day to keep its home clean and dry and the water bowl full.

Ancillary Services
What ancillary services are available? Off-leash time? Special diets? Individual playtime? Proper medication administration?

Are grooming and bathing readily available prior to pick up? A clean pet is a happy pet!

By Dr. Carin C. Corbo, The Animal Medical Hospital of Naples, 239-513-0213
as seen in “Pet Pages”