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Laser Surgery Comes To Naples, Florida

The newest technology in veterinary surgery is the use of lasers in making most surgical procedures less painful and more precise. Lasers are intense beams of light that are used to cut tissue by vaporizing the water found in that tissue.

The major benefits of laser surgery include:

Less Bleeding
As the laser cuts tissue, it seals small blood vessels. With the decrease in bleeding, the veterinarian can see the surgical site more clearly and perform with greater precision. This can result in shorter surgery time with less anesthesia.

Less Pain
As the laser cuts tissue it seals nerve endings. This results in less post-operative pain for your pet. This feature is especially notable in feline declaws. In most cases, no tourniquet is needed during surgery and no post-operative bandaging is required. Cats are usually up and on their feet within an hour of the surgery.

Less Swelling
As the laser cuts tissue it seals lymphatic vessels. This means less post-operative swelling.

Less Post-Surgical Complications

  • The laser can be used to seal the ends of the vessels resulting in decreased risk of post-operative bleeding.
  • A laser sterilizes as it cuts, decreasing post-operative infection.
  • Unlike a scalpel, the laser tip never touches the tissue so cancer cells are not dragged and seeded elsewhere during tumor removal.

Safe and Effective
For these reasons, patients undergoing laser surgery have a faster and more comfortable return to normal function.

We are excited to be among the first veterinary hospitals to offer this safe and effective alternative to traditional surgery.

By Dr. Carin C. Corbo, The Animal Medical Hospital of Naples, 239-513-0213
as seen in “Pet Pages”