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K-Laser: A New Method of Pain Management and Healing

K-Laser Therapy is a new, high-powered therapy laser that uses red and near-infrared wavelengths of light to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, increase range of motion and stimulate wound healing. It is an excellent choice for treating chronic arthritis, hip dysplasia, disc disease, wounds and chronic skin conditions. This is not just another pain reliever. It is a drug-free way to help the body heal faster and to a greater extent than it would without it.

The K-laser works at the cellular level to increase circulation which stimulates the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the injured area. The metabolic activity of the cells is then increased, enhancing cellular function and health. In other words, this treatment reminds cells how to work properly again – thus releasing their natural anti-inflammatory properties, improving lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling, etc.

We are now able to manage many of the conditions we did not have good options for in the past – such as arthritis in cats. Because the K-laser is painless, there is no need for sedation or restraint -most pets just lie down and enjoy the mild warming sensation.

Most clients quickly notice renewed energy and freedom of movement in their pets. Frequent comments include that their pet can now get up easily, hop in the car without help, and in general, are more active than they have been in years.

Other uses include the management of post-surgical recovery and pain, neck and back pain, lick granulomas, burns, and muscle strains.

By Dr. Carin C. Corbo, The Animal Medical Hospital of Naples, 239-513-0213 as seen in “Pet Pages”