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Four Fabulous Feline Facts

Cats are curious creatures, and we may never fully understand all their majestic mysteries. However, we do keep learning more about their complexities, and our team at Animal Medical Hospital of Naples is sharing interesting cat facts that can help you better understand your fantastic feline.  Cat fact #1: Whiskers are more than part of [...]

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Get to the Bottom of Diarrhea in Your Dog

Dogs have sensitive digestive tracts, and most will develop diarrhea at some point in their lives. Causes of diarrhea, which can be mild and transient, or may become chronic, run the gamut from eating something inappropriate or toxic, to infection, cancer, or inflammatory disease. Regardless of the cause, managing diarrhea can be frustrating, and knowing [...]

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Pet Allergy 101

Your pet may not have a runny nose or watery eyes, but they may still have allergies. Many allergens can cause pets to react, and pet allergies can be difficult to manage. Our team at Animal Medical Hospital of Naples wants to help by providing information about common pet allergies. Pets can be allergic to [...]

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Here’s The 411: Xylitol In Pets Means 911

Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team is committed to educating pet parents about the deadly dangers of xylitol, how to protect your pet, and the treatment. Chances are, you are familiar with spotting low-sugar and low-carbohydrate products on the shelves where you shop for supplements, diets, and dental hygiene products. Xylitol, which is found [...]

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What to Expect When Your Pet Gets a Professional Dental Cleaning

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and our team at Animal Medical Hospital of Naples is here to take the mystery out of the professional pet dental cleaning process. When your veterinarian shares that your pet requires a dental cleaning, you likely have questions, such as: Why does my pet need a dental cleaning? [...]

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4 Tips to Prevent Your Puppy From Misbehaving

Welcoming a new puppy is an exciting time, but when their antics lead to unwanted behavior, you can get frustrated and annoyed. Our team at Animal Medical Hospital of Naples wants to help by providing tips to prevent your puppy from misbehaving. #1: Socialize your puppy early Socializing your puppy appropriately can help prevent issues [...]

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The Problems with Parasites: Why Year-Round Parasite Prevention is Important for Your Pet

Here in Naples, Florida, we don’t experience the same typical winter conditions of our neighbors to the north. But, our year-round warm temperatures provide the perfect breeding conditions for parasites, such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites, which means pets are continuously exposed to serious illnesses. Discover the importance of year-round parasite prevention for [...]

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