Some people assume that their pet only needs to visit the veterinarian when something is wrong, such as when they are injured or sick. However, to maintain your pet at their optimal health, you need to do more than rush to the veterinarian when your furry pal is unwell. Preventive care is equally important, and pets need regular wellness visits and screenings to stay healthy and feel their best. 

Think of your pet’s wellness screenings as routine maintenance. You wouldn’t wait for your car to break down before getting an oil change, and you shouldn’t wait for your pet to exhibit illness signs before bringing them in for their annual checkup. As an essential component of your pet’s preventive care plan, our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team recommends wellness screening tests during your furry pal’s annual visits. Learn five benefits of regular wellness screenings and your pet’s normal results. 

#1: Early disease detection improves your pet’s prognosis 

Imagine having the power to prevent or mitigate a disease’s adverse effects simply by having the condition diagnosed in its earliest stage. If your pet has a health issue that goes undetected, the condition can lead to a critical emergency if left untreated. By ensuring your pet receives annual wellness screenings, you enable our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team to detect a problem before it becomes a crisis. While normal screening results are ideal, when we observe an abnormal result in a disease’s early stage, your pet’s prognosis will likely be good. By performing routine wellness screenings, our team can spot a disease in its earliest stage, and administer the most effective and successful treatment to your pet.  

#2: Wellness screenings establish your pet’s baseline

You notice a stain on your favorite shirt because you know what the garment looks like when it’s clean. Likewise, your veterinarian can more accurately pinpoint health concerns when they have a good idea of your pet’s normal screening result values. Our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team performs regular wellness screening tests to establish your pet’s normal baseline values. Baseline values are your pet’s normal. Each screening adds another information layer to this baseline, helping us understand what’s typical for your pet. Over time, our team can see patterns and compare baseline results with future testing results, which helps us identify your pet’s potential health conditions before a disease has progressed, 

#3: Your pet may not exhibit illness signs

Pets are masters of disguise at hiding pain or discomfort. Many animals instinctually hide their suffering as a survival mechanism. A pet can’t verbalize how they’re feeling, and many health issues may go unnoticed until they’re at an advanced stage. Wellness screenings can detect health issues that aren’t visible. Blood tests, urinalysis, and physical exams allow your veterinarian to see beneath the surface, sometimes literally, by performing imaging tests. This information becomes increasingly important for older pets, who are prone to developing chronic conditions.

#4: Your pet’s preventive care costs less than emergency treatment

The old saying, ”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” rings true. You may believe that regular wellness screenings are an unnecessary expense when your pet appears healthy, but when you weigh this cost against the potential cost of emergency treatment for an advanced disease, you understand preventive care’s benefits. Health conditions cost significantly less to treat when our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team detects an issue early, and early treatment is often less invasive and less stressful for your pet. Investing in preventive care, such as regular wellness screenings, is a financially wise choice in the long run and saves you from the hefty bills that often accompany emergency visits, surgeries, and long-term treatments.

#5: Your pet’s normal results give you peace of mind 

The emotional relief that comes from hearing that your pet is in good health is a wellness screening benefit that can’t be underestimated. Wellness screenings are not only about finding out what’s wrong. They’re also about confirming what’s right. Knowing your pet is healthy provides unparalleled peace of mind. Regular clean bills of health also reinforce that you are providing excellent care for your pet, and who doesn’t love that validation? The satisfaction that comes from knowing you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s wellbeing is priceless.

At its core, the why behind your pet’s regular wellness screenings is quite simple: They are acts of love. Regular screenings and preventive care are part of a proactive approach to your pet’s health and wellness, offering invaluable benefits that can add years of happiness and health to your pet’s life. Is it time for your pet’s annual wellness exam and screenings? Schedule an appointment with our Animal Medical Hospital of Naples team.